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Hypnotherapy is a therapy where a client is in a very relaxed state through the use of hypnosis techniques. The client is partly alert during a session and remembers everything that has taken place.  Because clients have more insight into their needs and possibilities when in touch with the unconscious, the healing process can begin. 

Hypnotherapy is effective for treating phobias, addictions, relationship problems, traumas, stress and burnout. In addition, it is highly effective in supporting clients increase their self-confidence and improving the work-life balance, achieving a healthier lifestyle.

The therapy is adapted per client depending on the intended treatment goal.  Our goal is to ensure that at the end of the therapy, you have better health, inner peace, balance and harmony.

Psychosocial therapy

Together with hypnotherapy, psychosocial therapy is used to support clients in their interaction with the outside world.  How
do your thoughts affect your behavior and how can you change the way
you look at your situation so that you have control over your life and
leading to a happier, more fulfilling life.

time for a change

My approach

My approach is always client-centric.  What habits would you like to break, what issues do you need to resolve, and what triggers hamper your ability to enjoy life?  During the intake, we will conduct an in-depth interview to find out what the underlying issues are and discuss the therapeutic process in detail.


Client reviews

"I was very grateful for Ghislaine's sensitivity, skill and clear guidance when I had my sessions with her.
The hypnotherapy was extremely helpful and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for more personal insight".
Professor of Psychology and Management, Amsterdam
"I had hypnotherapy with Ghislaine. I’m an incredible control freak so I was curious if it would work for me. Ghislaine’s calm and warm demeanor made me feel immediately at ease. She explained everything clearly and is very empathic. This, combined with her calm voice helped me to let go. I gained insight and became more in touch with my inner child thanks to the therapy. I recommend it to anyone!"
"My sessions with Ghislaine were excellent, I felt relaxed the whole time. We discussed issues at my work and at the end I felt more relaxed and learned how to keep this going through different methods. I’d like to have more sessions on-line and I would highly recommend this as a perfect way to release your inner stress levels and feel more restful. "
United Kingdom
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