About me

I was born in Brazil to Dutch/French parents and spent my childhood years in The Philippines after moving to the United Kingdom and finally settled in The Netherlands in my early 20’s. 

My love for Psychology and understanding human behavior stems back from when I was studying Psychology in high school in The Philippines.  I received a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and Management with an emphasis in Marketing, a dual major at Webster University in Leiden, where I also did an MBA many years later.  Although my work life has taken me down the path of Marketing Communications, several years ago I decided to pursue a degree in Hypnotherapy and Psychosocial Therapy.  My speciality is work-life balance, trauma and supporting clients in increasing their self confidence.  I am currently studying cognitive behavioral therapy which is an excellent combination with hypnotherapy and will continue to stay up-to-date with psychological trends and developments.

My international background has given me the added benefit of being able to interact with many different cultures in different languages.  I offer therapy sessions in English, Dutch, French and if required, Spanish.  My practice is located in Watergraafsmeer neighborhood in Amsterdam, easily accessible by train or public transportation. 

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